‘Avatar 2’ – cinematic masterpiece

'Avatar 2' - cinematic masterpiece

“The Way of Water” comes out after decades of waiting for audiences. The sci-fi blockbuster offers a new perspective on Pandora and a touching story about family love.

* Note: The article reveals part of the movie’s content

Category: Science Fiction
Director: James Cameron
Performer: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver
Evaluate: 9/10

Following the classic sci-fi franchise, James Cameron bets his hopes on the latest huge-budget movie project. Returning to the big screen after 13 years of incubation, Avatar: The Way of Water evokes many intense emotions that are unbelievable.

Simple story through the lens of fiction

The film chooses the main setting in the familiar planet Pandora, where the fierce battle in the previous part took place. Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) opens the story with narration. He is now married to the princess of the Navi tribe, Neytiri (Zoe Saldana). The couple lives happily with three lovely children and little Kiri (Sigourney Weaver), the daughter of their late friend Augustine.

The joy was short-lived, the people of Earth, after the tragedy of defeat, once again flared up with a vengeance. With more advanced equipment, these “heavenly people” return to Pandora with the idea of ​​​​taking over and turning it into a colony. Faced with an incalculable danger, Jake Sully and his family had to accept the end of their exile. Together they crossed the sea, to a distant land where the Metkayina water tribe settled to find a place to live.

Just like its predecessor, Avatar 2 little breakthrough in terms of plot. The film’s content mainly revolves around the fierce battle between the hero Jake Sully and the “heavenly man” – the faces representing the invading ideology of imperialism.

With a somewhat simple story, James Cameron decided to “dip” the script to avoid boredom. Not only leading the audience to explore the wonderful ocean, the talented director also created many more deep knots revolving around the story of family love.

He himself once said that his “aesthetic” was very simple and popular. So the story he told was just “strange”, not complicated. This strangeness comes from the creative taste in basic materials, bringing a characteristic breath that is very “silly”, very “Cameron”.

Review Avatar 2 Anh 1

Avatar 2 revolves around the story of Jake Sully family.

Depth in the script Avatar 2 is revealed through the depth of the character’s personality and the way the scriptwriter tastes the contradictions between the relationships. Not only using his mind to deal with his arch-nemesis Quaritch (Stephen Lang), Jake Sully also struggles with troubles with his teenage children. On the one hand, he must learn to be a resilient leader in the face of sacrifice and loss. On the other hand, the former Marine, like any other man, is still a confused father in connecting his family.

So, Avatar 2 create a feeling of closeness with the audience. The sci-fi theme in James Cameron’s prism is still dazzlingly vivid, but blown a bit more casual, with more real-life details. Throughout the three acts of the film, the chain of problems is arranged and resolved quite satisfactorily. Even the villain’s reincarnation or the appearance of new characters are explained through carefully delineated layers of events, without excessive treatment.

Delightful entertainment party

Bringing a hint of entertainment, both parts Avatar all entertain the audience with superior image quality. If Avatar (2009) is considered a classic monument to shake the image of humanity, the second part released after 13 years has repeated that success.

The visual part of the film is carefully detailed and honed. Especially with Imax or 3D format, the film has successfully “elevated” the visual experience of God. The visual effects are so vivid and realistic that the fantasy civilization of Pandora really exists before the viewer’s eyes, full of evocative discovery.

Pandora’s realm has also been expanded, from the great primeval forest to the vast ocean. The animal world is once again portrayed very unique and new. Besides the names filled with memories such as the hammer-headed Titanothers, the Thanator leopard, the Viper wolf, or the flying dragon of Mount Banshee…, Avatar 2 opens up a whole new wonder under the ocean with various forms. These are the Akula shark, the Ilu sea dragon, the Tulkun whale, and countless other creatures.

Besides the splendid picture of Pandora, each action scene of The Way of Water was also staged on a huge scale, far beyond its predecessor. The fighting phases are full of realism and high intensity, making it difficult for viewers to be distracted. Complementing that are visual director Russell Carpenter’s ecstatic transformational camera angles. The more quietly immersed in the magical landscape space, the more tense the audience must be and hold their breath to watch the fierce match.

It is no exaggeration to say that, The Way of Water Bringing the most sumptuous visual feast in history. James Cameron’s film will no doubt be a good candidate for the category Best Picture of this year’s Oscars. In addition, the soundtrack of the film is also excellent, not inferior to the blockbuster Black Panther 2 previous debut of the Marvel family.

What’s the challenge for “Avatar: The Way of Water”

As the director’s risky financial game, Avatar 2 converged on all the factors that could make Cameron commercially successful. However, this huge project is not a perfect movie. Peeling off the layers of pre-emptive technology, the work still reveals loopholes in the process of discovering the depth of the fantasy story.

The first regret is the loss of the perfect attraction of the villain. Avatar (2009) brought in the character of Colonel Miles Quaritch, one of the pieces that created the strange appeal of the film. Although not as excellent as Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs or Darth Vader’s The Empire Strikes Back, Quaritch still succeeds in branding as a villain that can put a lot of pressure on the audience’s psychology from beginning to end.

But in this movie, despite returning to his described identity as “bigger, greener and stronger”, he ended up being more lost and boring. With less intelligence and rare cunning, Quaritch’s performance is not really convincing, although it is not lacking in acting. Not to mention, the sudden retreat of the Metkayina tribe in the final battle had not been satisfactorily arranged. Although knowing that it was Cameron’s intention when he wanted to delve into the civil war between Sully’s family and the villain, the director’s “forgotten” explanation could make many viewers feel confused.

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Avatar 2 is an entertaining blockbuster, but not perfect.

In the end, the film’s length of 192 minutes is definitely a barrier to prevent the “box office witch” from reaching the payback milestone. A master of the sci-fi genre, Cameron is stubbornly confident to defend this. It can be considered as a separate “signature” of the director, when both Avatar (2009) hay Titanic (1997), the blockbusters that have led to box office history, have such a long style.

However, that became a big obstacle for him when a large part of the gods hesitated every time they paid for tickets. Not to mention, the revenue from the audience channel is also significantly precarious. Want to make a profit, the fame of James and Avatar many challenges need to be overcome, one of which is the film length barrier

As the director once said, this film is the riskiest “gamble” in the history of cinema. Still, a compliment must be given to the monstrous brain that knows how to “thicken” a thin story with the right creations and a filmmaking language imbued with a personal brand.

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